1. In this WebQuest you will need to view the video “Exploring Careers, What is Right for You”. This video is located in my folder on the Aprende Teams X Drive. This video will give you information about personality traits and what the right job is for you according to your personality. Have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

    2. Once you have viewed the film, pick 2 links below and take an interest inventory test. Click on the link and make sure you look for the career inventory. Take your time and make sure you answer all of the questions honestly. The interest inventory will tell you what category you best fit in to help you choose a career.

    3. Now that you have gotten your results, use any links below to begin your search for the career of your dreams. These links will also provide information about your job and facts you will need to create the brochure. Make sure you have received the worksheet “outline to your career brochure” so you will have a guide of what facts are needed to complete and design the brochure. You may also research on your own to find out more information about the career you chose.

    4. Now that you have finished your research, begin making your rough draft. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you make it.

      swirl  Did I include all information from the outline worksheet?
      swirl  Did I use a logical sequence for my brochure?
      swirl  Does the brochure look professional? (colors, font,size,length of information)
      swirl  Did I include some sort of graphics?
      swirl  Did I make sure there was a design for the title page and back page?

    5. Now that you have made a draft on your “outline worksheet,” create the individual sections using Microsoft Publisher. Save this draft to your student folder on the students drive.

    6. And finally, when your final copy is done save it as your last name brochure to your class folder on the X drive. Example: smithbrochure.