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    Candidates are inducted into our Chapter once a year. All paperwork is due to Google Classroom no later than Friday, September 25.

    The 2020-2021 Faculty Council uses the following standards to determine a candidate's membership in NJHS:

    A completed Information Sheet that has at least two of the four sections filled in thoughtfully. The candidate demonstrates an effort to complete the Form to the best of his/her ability and takes each criterion seriously, even if all four sections could not be fully completed. Taking this into consideration, the Faculty Council sees fit that proving more than just Scholarship will meet the criteria for this organization. Please be aware that elementary school opportunities will not be considered as examples of a student's current leadership, service, or honors/awards.

    A completed letter (written by the student) of intent that demonstrates to the best of the candidate's ability that he/she will fulfill the obligations and requirements of membership in NJHS. The letter may not be longer than two pages. (See below for more information regarding this requirement.)

    The letter is evaluated on the following rubric by the Faculty Council:

    swirl  Were all questions addressed?
    swirl  Was a sincere effort made?
    swirl  Was the letter insightful, purposeful, and sincere?

    Any 7th grader not selected for membership, who meets all criteria again next year, may re-submit their information to be considered for membership as an 8th grader.

    To help facilitate membership eligibility, candidates will write a letter (as part of the Information Packet) expressing their interest and specific qualifications to be selected for membership. This letter must be written by the candidate (not a parent) on the form and addressed to the Faculty Council. A sample letter is provided to assist with any questions; however, PLEASE NOTE that this is only a sample and should not be considered more in terms of selection for membership.
     Candidate Information Form
Last Modified on September 8, 2020