• Speech/Language Therapy Services

    Effective communication skills are prerequisites for successful academic achievement. Children with communication disorders frequently do not perform at grade level. They may struggle with reading, have difficulty with comprehension, following directions, expressing thoughts and language, and misunderstanding social cues. Difficulty in learning to listen, speak, read, or write can result from problems in language development.

    For students with language disorders and delays, speech language instruction can occur in a variety of settings (i.e. within the regular classroom, through co-teaching, as a pull-out service in the speech language room, or in the resource room, etc.) These interventions have a primary focus on the curriculum, with adaptations and modifications being made as needed for the student.

    Interventions focus on the student's abilities, rather than disabilities and intervention plans are consistent with current research and best practices. Services may be provided by a speech-language pathologist, a speech-language technician, an instructional assistant, a resource teacher, or anyone that the team deems appropriate.

    For further information concerning speech/language development or if you are concerned about your child's communication skills, contact your home school and ask to speak with the Speech/Language Pathologist.

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Last Modified on July 12, 2019