•  Posting of Student Grades
    Grades will be posted in the Parent Portal regularly. Please check student grades there on a regular basis. 
    GOAL of Grades:  The Majority (80%) of a students grade is based off of assessments (tests and quizzes)  The ability to show comprehension and mastery of objectives.  Grades are a communication piece of a students understanding of the curriculum. 
    For each assessment there will be multiple objectives.  Students will be given a grade for EACH objective individually.  This will allow students and 
    parents to pinpoint areas that student have mastered and those areas that students still need work on.
    All Grades are input on a 0-4 scale.  This keeps every assignment and objective equal, and does not allow any one objective to be given more value than another.   The grades are also not put in as just whole numbers but partial points can and do occure. 


    Grades -  EARNED not Given
    80% = Assessments (Tests,Quizzes, & Projects)
    20% = Practice (Homework, Classwork and other practice)
    Students that are in Advance Math - 8th Grade Math - Must maintain a B average to stay in the Advanced Class
    this is for PERIOD 1 ONLY