• Kyrene Integrated Preschool Program 

    The Kyrene Integrated Preschool Program offers an exciting first learning experience for both children who are typically developing, as well as children who are experiencing delays in their development. Kyrene's developmentally appropriate, peer-based curriculum is aligned with the Arizona Early Learning Standards, and emphasizes early literacy, math and communication. The Integrated preschool classroom provides opportunities for each student to improve motor and self-help skills, learn leadership skills, practice compassion and acceptance of diversity, and encourage creativity and a love of learning.

    Each class is taught by a certified early childhood teacher with two teaching assistants and a Speech/Language Pathologist providing services and support. Classes are kept small, generally between 14-16 children, and are comprised of typically developing children and children with disabilities. This low teacher to student ratio, along with a 3-hour, 4-days per week schedule, provides the perfect setting for your child to prepare for the school experience.

    By housing our classes at elementary schools throughout the District and following the District school calendar, our students are introduced to grade school culture and routines to further prepare them for success in kindergarten.


    Typically Developing Children

    To participate in our program, typically developing children, or children who do not have an identified developmental delay, must have age-appropriate language skills and be toilet trained.

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    Children with Disabilities

    If you have concerns about your child's development or if your child is currently receiving services, please complete a Parent Concerns Questionnaire and return it, along with a copy of your child's birth certificate and proof or residency, as directed. Once we have received and reviewed the completed questionnaire, you will be contacted about scheduling a screening appointment. The purpose of the screening is to obtain a snap shot of your child's current skill development and to determine if a full evaluation is needed,

    If during the screening a potential/significant delay is found, you will be contacted to set up a comprehensive developmental evaluation appointment. After the evaluation is completed, a team (which includes the parents) will meet to determine whether your child is eligible to receive special education services. If your child is found eligible under the Arizona Department of Education guidelines, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed and the appropriate environment for putting the program into place will be determined.

    If your child has a current IEP or has an outside evaluation, please forward a copy of all information to the integrated preschool secretary.

    Please note: If you live outside of the Kyrene School District boundaries and your child is in need of special education services, you must apply for open enrollment.

    Preschool Parent Handbook


    Below are links to several websites containing valuable information for parents of preschoolers and birth to 3 years old: 

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