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    Raised by two superheroes (Ma and Pa Dean), Ms. Dean grew up at the base of the mountains in Tucson where 110 degrees was perfect for outside adventures. It was in this environment, where she used her vast imagination and engineering skills to build the most amazing desert forts, complete with barrel cacti walls and an "indoor" bike ramp held up by a combination of boulders and prickly pears ...go ahead, be impressed.
    Wanting to change the world with just the power of knowledge, Ms. Dean set out on a full adventure across the state of Arizona. Using her powers of perseverance, collaboration, teleportation, and her knowledge of how to work with productive struggles, Ms. Dean walked out of the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University with degrees in Marketing, Teaching, and a Masters in Education. But desiring more challenges, Ms. Dean conquered the National Board Certified Teacher process. And where does all this knowledge lead Ms. Dean? Right here...Kyrene de la Mirada Leadership Academy. Entering her 19th year of teaching, Ms. Dean has big plans for her superheros-in-training. 
    If you ever see Ms. Dean outside school, you'll find her being....well, a student, as she loves to learn. Bookcases line almost every room in her house, filled to the brim with every type of book. Reading encompasses so much of her life, her dog Teddy has learned to love books as well. Using his superhero powers, Teddy can tear up more than one book at a time...it's truly amazing.
    Knowing Ms. Dean wants to save every shelter animal in the world, Teddy graciously allowed Ms. Dean to adopt a 12 year old dog named Old Man Joe. Teddy somewhat regrets this choice as Old Man Joe's superhero powers of constant sloppy kisses are less than welcoming.
    When not learning, Ms. Dean can be found watching her Chicago Cubs; a skill taught to her by her grandparents who sat her in front of the television to watch the Cubs when she was two years old. And yes, their World Series win made her cry like a baby. 
    Ms. Dean is always looking forward to her next adventure...want to join?
    Wrigley and Teddy
     Teddy (left) chillin' with Wrigley (2005-2018) 
    Teddy and Old Man Joe ready for next mission
    Teddy and Old Man Joe ready for next mission
    Old Man Joe-Pathetic Award
     Old Man Joe recently won the "Most Pathetic Look" Award