Here's Ruby!
    Top 10 Things to Know About Ms. Bates
     purple line
    10.  The first 18 years of my life I lived on a pig farm
            in Logan County ~ Ohio.
    9.     In 1970 I won grand champion with my market pig
            at the county fair.
    8.   My favorite tv shows when I was in grade school
          were The Monkees, HR PufnStuf, Daktari and
          Mod Squad.
    7.  When I was a child I had a playhouse where 
         imagination ruled.
    6.   A few of my pets have been a pony, a blue chicken,
          and many cats and dogs.
    5.   I did not go to Ohio State to become a teacher, but 
          I am a Buckeye Fan!
    4.   My cell phone is finally a smartphone but I am not on
          Facebook orTwitter.
    3.   Bicycling, traveling, reading, and spending time
          with family and friends are my passion.
    2.   What is my definition of joy?  Being Mrs. Gayhart's
          Sunshine Sister and your Teacher/Librarian.
    1.    On May 2013, I adopted a 4 year old boxer.  
           Her name is Ruby Tuesday and she loves everybody.