• Organizational Tips and Supplies Needed for Each Class

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    Language Arts Supplies:

     4 Yellow 3-prong folders
     Loose leaf perforated edge notebook
     Blue/black pens
     Highlighters - pink, green, blue, yellow
     Flash drive
     1 ream white copy paper

    Math Supplies:

     4 Blue 3-prong folders
     2 spiral notebooks
     Pencils with erasers
     Calculator - write your name on it
     Whiteboard markers
     Pink and yellow highlighters
     1 ream copy paper – any color (not white)

    Social Studies Supplies:

     Any map from used National Geographic magazine
     8 red 3-prong folders
     Loose leaf paper - no rough edges are accepted
     3.5x5.5 spiral bound notebook for our social studies dictionary-small & thick
     1 ream white copy paper
     The Youngest Templar book by Michael Spradler

    Science Supplies:

     4 purple 3-prong folders
     1 purple spiral notebook
     Blue/black pens
     1 ream white copy paper
     Ear buds for listening on the computer

Last Modified on May 15, 2012