• Head Lice Information

    Managment and Prevention

    Head Lice (pediculosis) is a common childhood problem; they are not dangerous and do not spread disease. Anyone can get head lice, and they may spread since children play together. We can all help prevent the spread of head lice. 

     Parent/Guardian Role

    School’s Role

    • Check children at home for head lice as needed
    • If live lice are found treat with a lice killing shampoo
    • Check all household contacts and treat if they have live lice
    • Call school to report head lice and /or nits if found on your child
    • After treatment, a student can return to school the next day but they should stop by the Health Office prior to going to class
    • If you have treated your child twice and your child still has lice, check with your medical provider for other treatment
    • Teach children to avoid head-to-head contact and not to share personal items

    • Children may be screened at school if lice are suspected or as a result of a reported case
    • Screening activities will be at the discretion of the Principal, Health Assistant or District Nurse
    • Families will be notified by Health Assistant the same day their child has been identified with live lice
    • Other students will not be notified if there is only one case in their classroom. Families will be notified if there are multiple cases of lice in that classroom

    More Information on Head Lice (Open PDF Documents)
Last Modified on June 17, 2022