• one plus one equals two

    Welcome to Mr. Jolin's
    8th Grade Math Class

    jjolin@kyrene.org | 480.541.6140
    Starting Monday April 13th, students will be viewing videos with guided instruction, practice problems with answer key, and checking for understanding questions that they will submit. Student engagement is encouraged during this time, but is not mandatory. If you click on the link above you will be able to see what is the assignment for each day next week. All of the lessons/assignments are on google classroom and I will post them the Thursday before to allow preview of material. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at jjolin@kyrene.org. Listed below are the google classroom codes for each of my class periods:

    Per 1 8th Grade Math – 3pd6qqf

    Per 2: 8th Grade Math - eimij4y

    Per 4: 8th Grade Math - pjqkjvz

    Per 5: 8th Grade Math - eanf5mg

    Per 6: 7th Grade Math - slcb73v