• Mr. C


    Here are a few little known facts about myself.

    I have often been told that I have a way with animals.  Not once, not twice, but thrice, I have received the prestigious Man of the Year award by the American Mutt Society.  I am fluent in fifteen different forms of animal communication.  I once hitched a ride with a friendly dolphin I named Alabaster.  The two of us swam clear across the Pacific Ocean. Oh, the crazy adventures we got into!

    When I was seventeen years old I climbed to the top of the world’s fifth highest peak, Mt. Makalu, in Northeast Nepal.  I did so dressed in  traditional, sixty pound, Spartan military gear that included the famed Spartan doru and xiphos.  At the summit I spoke with a Shaolin Monk who gave me the recipe for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.  I am the only person who has this recipe. 

    I spend my free time simultaneously reading ancient Latin poetry while listening to heavy metal music and playing the piano with my right pinky toe. I have been told the sound I generate is similar to Beethoven.  I am also fairly decent at the game of Cornhole. 

    Above all else it is important to note my excitement as we embark on the 2020-2021 school year.  My name is Phil Collins and it is my honor to serve as your 6th Grade World History Teacher.