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Results of 60 Day English Language Arts Resource Review

Posted April 2017
Dear Kyrene Community, 
During the 2016-2017 school year, Kyrene released a solicitation for proposals for English Language Arts (ELA) instructional materials for grades K-8. Kyrene follows a defined process when considering a resource for adoption. Please visit ELA Resource Review for more detailed information. Kyrene would like to thank each community member who took time to review resources and provide feedback. 
The review process for resources includes an initial analysis of resources for standards alignment and vendor presentations. This work was conducted by a resource review committee, which represented all 25 schools, all grade levels, and relevant district departments that provide learning services, such as Student Learning and Support Services and Educational Technology. Resources that met the criteria defined by Arizona State standards and The Publisher’s Criteria were recommended for 60-Day Review. 
The window for the 60-Day Review ran from January 11 through March 24. Survey respondents submitted their preference anonymously. Teachers and leaders across the district provided thorough feedback that represented their passion and expertise in literacy instruction.
In addition to a teacher survey, community members and families were invited to review and provide feedback on the resources. The community was notified of the 60-Day Review through press releases, articles in Wrangler News and Ahwatukee Foothills News and social media postings. Communications were provided via site councils, e-blasts, Parent Superintendent Council, parent teacher organizations and school/district events. During the “Get Ready for Middle School” event, 150 flyers about the adoption and how to provide feedback were distributed. Upon close of the 60-Day Review, responses were collected and analyzed.
The goal of any resource adoption is to provide instructional materials to support the implementation of viable curriculum. Teachers have expressed the need for comprehensive curriculum to support their instruction. Audit findings have identified gaps in this area suggesting that the district focus efforts on the development of comprehensive curriculum guides and assessments. The foundation of Kyrene’s curriculum will be guides developed through collaboration of teacher teams. The guides will provide a viable curriculum explicit to direct instruction for all students. Below you’ll find a synopsis of the review responses and next steps.
Jan Vesely, Ed.D.
Christie McDougall, Ed.D.
Director of Curriculum and Assessment 
Results of the 60-Day Resource Review
Based on the survey responses from the teacher 60-Day Review of ELA instructional materials, the resource review committee will not be making a recommendation for adoption to the Governing Board. 
The following criteria was required in order for the committee to make a recommendation to the Governing Board for adoption:
Grades K-5 (K-3, 4-5)
  • 85% survey participation rate at each school
  • 65% or more of the participants select a resource per K-3 or 4-5 grade bands (1-2 resources may be recommended K-5)
The first criterion of 85% survey participation at each school was met:
 Participation Rate, ELA K-5
The second criterion of 65% teacher support of a resource was not met, even when analyzed per 
K-3 or 4-5 grade band.
 K-5 ELA Resources Votes, Districtwide
 K-5 ELA Resources Votes, Districtwide by Grade band
Grades 6-8
  • 80% survey participation rate at each school
  • 65% or more of the participants select a resource
The first criterion of 80% survey participation at each school was met:
Participation Rate ELA 6-8  
The second criterion of 65% teacher votes of support for a single resource was not met. (ELA Resource Votes shown below).
6-8 ELA Resources Votes, Districtwide
Next Steps
  • During the summer of 2017, grade level committees of teachers and Curriculum and Assessment leadership will convene to create curriculum guides and unit plans that support best practices in ELA instruction and align with Arizona state standards.
  • Ongoing program evaluation of guides, resources and instructional materials will occur during the creation of guides, throughout the 2017-18 school year, and beyond. Results of these evaluations will allow us to determine the efficacy of curriculum guides and resources, as well as determine potential gaps.  As gaps are identified, possible responses include revision to guides, professional development, and/or purchase of additional supplementary materials (such as trade books, writing resources, grammar resources).

The future of Kyrene is in our hands. I am confident that together, we can figure out what needs to be done to yield the best results for our students. We must be committed to the process of continuous improvement so that our results can be sustained and spectacular!”

─ Dr. Jan Vesely, Kyrene Superintendent