Kyrene School District

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Middle schools offer many educational options

Middle School Philosophy
Kyrene recently engaged principals, teachers, students, families and community members in creating a vision for the future of Kyrene’s middle schools. Together, they completed a redesign of the middle school program with the objective of increasing achievement, to provide learning opportunities and support for all students, to continue the tradition of excellence in Kyrene and to encourage families in our community to choose Kyrene schools. Read more about the Middle School Redesign.
The middle school program establishes consistency in academic excellence. 6th grade students receive their core instruction from a team of teachers who share the same group of students. 7th and 8th grades follow a more flexible model, allowing a team approach with access to different levels of exploratory options.
  • Academic Excellence
  • Responsive Instruction and Support
  • Student Agency
Each Kyrene middle school will be hosting orientation sessions on March 20, 2017 for families of students who will be entering 6th grade in 2016-17. 
If you missed the orientation event, please call the middle school of interest for more information.