Kyrene de la Mariposa Elementary School

Kyrene de la Mariposa Elementary School

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This year Playworks will be here at Kyrene de la Mariposa Elementary. Playworks will bring a focus to the recess yard ensuring your students partake in safe and healthy play EVERY DAY. With this your kids will grow social and emotional skills allowing them to problem solve, use conflict resolution skills and socialize with peers in a structured but free flowing recess. They will take these skills into their classrooms and back home to you! How?? With the help of a Playworks Site Coordinator. Your Site Coordinator will be on campus 1 week each month to empower your school teachers, staff, students and a school staffed Recess Coach to implement strategies and games that help build a Playworks approved safe and healthy community.


Meet your Site Coordinator:


Ashley Marengo



Ashley is from Tulsa, OK and graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in Exercise Sports Science. She has lived in Arizona for almost 4 years and is starting her 3rd year with Playworks. She spent the last 2 years in the Creighton district at Loma Linda Elementary. Ashley is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys high energy bootcamps, hot yoga, and hikes with her dog.


“I am excited to step into the already awesome school climate at Mariposa and show how the power of play can take your school and your students to the next level in creating a playful and healthy community.”