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Sunrise Senior Center visits Pueblo



There were about 30 other students who teamed up to encourage and support the grateful folks from Sunrise! Together, they “ran” some fun relays in the Gym while listening to the music from the 1940 and 1950s. Once they were all tired, they headed over to the decorated library for donuts, coffee, punch, and cold water. The residents shared stories from their youth with our intrigued Pueblo students. Before they left, the students wrote them all special notes they could bring back to the center. The seniors cherished these notes and placed them on their mirrors and dressers back home. There were many hugs of gratitude!  Some of our students developed relationships with some residents and, along with their parents, visited them again later, bringing flowers and cookies! This was a special time that  encouraged both our students and the residents of senior center. Enjoy the touching video.


Sunrise visits Pueblo , Saturday, September 17th