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Dear Centennial Families,


The purpose of After School Tutoring is to provide the students of Centennial Middle School a place in which they can work to improve their learning.  This year’s After School Tutoring will run from 3:35pm – 4:30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Centennial Library.  Students will be required to report to the library by 3:35pm.  Any student coming in after 3:35pm will not be allowed to stay for after school tutoring. 


In order to ensure that everyone’s learning is honored during After School Tutoring, the following protocol is in place for this year’s After School Tutoring:


1.      All students attending After School Tutoring will be required to work on homework or receive assistance with an academic class.

2.      Students will only be permitted onto a computer if it is supporting work required in a class.

3.      Students will NOT be permitted to eat or drink in the library.

4.      Students will either ride the activity bus home or be picked up by 4:35pm.  If students are not picked up by 4:35pm, they will not be allowed to continue to attend the after school tutoring program.

If students struggle to follow the above expectations, he/she will no longer be able to participate in the After School Tutoring Program.  Parents will be notified by the teachers if there is a concern and/or a need to prohibit a student from participating.

Please take the time to fill out the bottom half of this form and return to Ms. Steffen during After School Tutoring.  Students are welcome to attend After School Tutoring at any point in the school year.


Thank you,

Mrs. Michelle Anderson, Principal




My child, ____________________________, grade_________, understands that while participating in After School Tutoring, (he/she) is expected to follow the 3P’s and follow the expectations of the program.


__________________________________________                       ____________________________                  __________________________________________

(Parent Signature)                                                        (Cell Phone number)                          (Student Signature)


Below is the activity bus schedule.  Please circle what stop your student will be getting off.  ONLY students that attend after school tutoring are allowed to ride the activity bus.  This contract must be completed before attending the next tutoring session.    






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