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Centennial Middle Schools "feeds" into one of Tempe Union High School District high schools - Mountain Pointe High School. Current boundary information can be found on their website (
If your child attends Centennial Middle School on open enrollment and you would like to apply for open enrollment in the Tempe Union High School District, please contact the Tempe Union district office.

  Spring Events

May 3, 2017, 6-7PM

Students will be recognized for outstanding achievement in academics.  The purpose of this evening is to honor those students who have taken the opportunity to learn seriously, have set high goals, and fulfilled the responsibility and commitment  needed to achieve those goals.  Parents whose children are to be recognized will receive an invitation by mail. The following categories will be honored: 


Principal’s Honor Roll (4.00  GPA)

Sabercat Honor Roll (3.50 - 3.99  GPA)

Merit Honor Roll (3.00 - 3.49  GPA)


The students’ grades from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd nine week progress reports are averaged and appear as a cumulative grade point average.  The students appearing on the Principal’s Honor Roll will receive a Principal’s medal and certificate.  The students appearing on the Sabercat Honor Roll will receive an Academic Excellence medal and a certificate and the students appearing on the Merit Honor Roll will receive a Honor Roll medal and a certificate.  Invitations will be mailed the week of April 24.

May 12, 2017, 6-8:30pm

The CMS Parent-Teacher  Organization (PTO) sponsors the end-of-year dance for 8th grade students. There is no charge for admission to the dance. Snacks and beverages will be available courtesy of the PTO.

In accordance to Kyrene guidelines, students must be in school for half a school day on the day of the dance to be able to attend the dance.  In addition, students who are on social probation for academic or behavior reasons will be contacted the week prior to the dance regarding their eligibility to attend.

This dance is open to Centennial Middle School 8th grade students only. Eighth graders may not bring or invite guests from other grades, other schools, etc.


This year’s promotion ceremonies will take place at Centennial Middle School's Gymnasium. 
TEAM             DATE                 CEREMONY                     STUDENTS ARRIVE                      SEATING 
8C                 May 22             5:30-6:15PM                            5:10PM                                5:15-5:30PM
8M                 May 22             6:45-7:30PM                            6:25PM                                6:30-6:45PM
8S                  May 22              8:00-8:45PM                            7:40PM                                7:45-8:00PM

Dear Eighth Grade Parents/Guardians:

CONGRATULATIONS!  After months of hard work and preparation for high school, it is time to celebrate the learning that has occurred at Centennial.  The CMS Promotion Ceremonies will take place on Monday, May 22.  Information for each team’s ceremony is listed above: 


We ask for students and parents to arrive on time so that students may organize in the MPR for the procession.  Parents will continue through the lobby into the gymnasium.  Seating for each will begin and end promptly at the times listed above so that we can begin and end each ceremony on time.


Family members and visitors may sit in the bleachers located on both sides of the gymnasium or on the benches directly behind the student seating.  At the completion of the ceremony, parents will follow the student as they exit into the courtyard where families may take photographs if desired. 


Thank you in advance for all  of your help and cooperation in making this a memorable event for your child.  If you have any questions, please call us at 480-541-6400. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

On Friday, May 19 we have a planned an activity day for our eighth grade students at Big Surf water park.  This is a regular school day and students are expected to attend unless they are ill.  Students who are on academic or social probation may not be able to attend this event.

Please try not to schedule doctor or dentists appointments on this day since you would need to come to the water park to pick up your child.

Further information and permission slips will be distributed to students in April. The cost of this trip is $10.  Payments are not tax credit eligible.  Financial scholarships are not available for this activity.  Students will not be able to attend unless they have returned a completed permission slip to their homeroom period teacher.  We are unable to accept verbal permission.  If a student is unable to attend for any reason, no refunds will be issued.

Students who are on social probation for academic or behavior reasons will be contacted the week prior to this event regarding their eligibility to attend.
NOTE:  Big Surf regulations state that no outside food or drink may be brought into the water park.  Any such items will be confiscated at the gate.  

Any students who have not returned all textbooks or library books by the designated date in May will not be allowed to attend the Big Surf activity. 

We ask all parents’ cooperation in NOT employing rental vehicles such as limos to transport students to and from any of the end of year activities and/or last day of school.  We ask your assistance in making these age-appropriate events.

Every year parents and students have questions about proper attire for the promotion ceremony and the eighth grade dance. These are not formal events and the dance is not a prom. Clothing needs to be age appropriate and suitable for the occasions.  Formal attire such as gowns, prom-type dresses, backless dresses, or tuxedos are not appropriate for either of these functions. We suggest spring dresses or pant outfits for the girls that would be suitable for a special family affair such as a wedding. Boys would be appropriately dressed in pants, not jeans, and a shirt with a collar.  Ties and coats are certainly optional. One outfit would certainly be appropriate for both the Promotion Ceremony and the Dance.


As of the third quarter, eighth grade students who are on academic and/or behavioral probation may not be permitted to participate in the end-of-the-year dance or Big Surf outing. Students must be passing all classes and must not have an off-campus suspension or excessive referrals/time-outs. Please stress to your child it is more important than ever to do their best both academically and behavior-wise.


Fourth quarter report cards, honor roll certificates and promotion certificates will all be mailed at the end of the school year. Information will also be mailed to you from the Tempe Union High School District. Please make sure we have your correct address.


To correct your address, contact: Rhonda Mares,, 480.541.6400.

Note: We will need proof of residence with the change of address notification.