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Nominations are officially open for the Tempe Diablos Excellence in Education Awards... affectionately referred to as the "Academy Awards for School Employees!"
Here is the link to nominate deserving educators:
  *Students & parents may nominate in certain categories. (High Impact and Inspiration)

Deadline to nominate is January 23, 2017.  All award finalists and winners will be presented at the Excellence in Education Award Ceremony and Dinner Monday, April 10, 2017 at Tempe Center for the Arts. The event will stream live on

Categories Include:

Teacher of the Year:
An individual who is an exemplary teacher dedicated to the mission of educational excellence. They possess qualities of strong integrity by honoring agreements and promises. They show leadership qualities and positive relationships with honesty, trust and respect for the betterment of the community. The nominee is an overall outstanding educator whose students demonstrate high achievement.  [Eligibility: A Teachers, Nominator Eligibility: Principals]
Lifetime Achievement:
An individual with a minimum of 15 years of service in the district who among other things demonstrates high student achievement. They consistently go “above and beyond” normal expectations. They are innovative and inspirational to students, other professional and community members. The nominee has actively participated in professional organizations during their career.  [Eligibility: Certified Employees and Administrators, Nominator Eligibility: Any District Employee]
Class Act:
A Classified employee who through their dedication, actions, and interactions with administration, faculty, staff and students supports the overall mission of the district/school and has made a positive impact on student achievement or behavior.  [Eligibility: Classified Employees, Nominator Eligibility: Principal or District Administrator]
High Impact:
An individual that makes a difference in the lives of students day in and day out. The individual contributes to student success in the work they do. They may help with extra activities and demonstrate concern for students through tutoring or coaching, for example. They engage students, parents and community leaders to improve student success. This individual truly has a positive influence on those around them.  [Eligibility: Any District Employee, Nominator Eligibility: Any District Employee, Student, or Parent]
An individual who inspires and motivates through the giving of time, talent and skills that supports student learning. An individual who goes above and beyond the required duties to impact student learning. Someone others strive to be and are honored to work with each day.  [Eligibility: Any District Employee or Volunteer, Nominator Eligibility: Any District Employee, Student, or Parent]
An individual who demonstrates uncompromising leadership traits, values and skills. They are the unsung hero of their educational environment. This person can be counted on to lead, inspire and engage those they work with every day.  [Eligibility: Any District Employee, Nominator Eligibility: Any District Employee]
Rising Star:
A new teacher with three years of service or less in the district who among other things, demonstrates high student achievement. The nominee is innovative, inspirational, and goes “above and beyond” the normal parameters of their teaching duties.  [Eligibility: A Teacher with three or less years in the District, Nominator Eligibility: Principals, District Staff, or Department Chairs]