Health Services Banner with Images of Medical Professional Looking in a Girl's Ear and a Boy Taking Medicaiton
In an effort to keep students healthy and in school, all Kyrene school health offices are staffed by Health Assistants who manage students with illnesses and accidents that occur at school. 
In addition, six district Registered Nurses provide medical consultation and training for the Health Assistants and school staff, assist and consult during Individual Education Plans (IEP), Section 504 and other student meetings, develop health care plans for students with health needs, and communicate with parents and medical providers.
If your child has a health condition, please notify the Health Office at your child's school. In some cases, the Health Services Team may ask parents to complete a School Health Care Plan to ensure your child's safety at school.
Hearing and vision screenings are given to selected groups of students per Arizona mandate under the guidelines of the Arizona Department of Health Hearing Conservation Program and the Arizona Department of Education.
Contact us to speak to the district Registered Nurse or health assistant servicing your school. Specific contact information for your school's Health Office is available through the school's website.
Vaccine Clinics
Immunization clinics are offered once a month at the Kyrene Family Resource Center and at Kyrene de las Lomas Elementary school. Sponsored and staffed by Chandler Regional Medical Center, vaccines are given to children 6 weeks to 18 years old. A parent or guardian must accompany children to the clinic and provide documentation of previous immunization history. 
Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Update
According to Dr. Bob England, the Director of the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, there has been a notable increase in pertussis cases this year. This increase is occurring all over Maricopa County and affects both children and adults. Pertussis (whooping cough) is a highly contagious bacterial infection which is spread through the air by coughing or contact with infected fluids from the mouth, nose or throat. 

For more information about pertussis from the Maricopa County Department of Health, click Whooping Cough Facts (in English and Spanish) and Differentiating a Pertussis Cough.
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The District provides interpreter/translation services in Spanish and other languages for applicants, parents, students and others, free of charge. If you need such assistance, please contact Dr. Shari Dukes, Director at (480) 541-1150 or via email at

El Distrito de Kyrene ofrece servicios de interprete/traducción en español y en otros idiomas sin costo alguno para padres, estudiantes y solicitantes. Si necesita asistencia, puede contactar a la directora Dr. Shari Dukes al (480) 541-1150 o