Kyrene School District

Message from Superintendent  
March 3, 2017

Dear Kyrene Community,

After a busy eight months in Kyrene, we can all look forward to enjoying a well-deserved Spring Break.  As I have been out and about, enjoying the wonderful music and fine arts performances by our students, visiting schools and seeing all of the hard work being done by teachers preparing for parent/teacher conferences, I continue to be heartened by the involvement in our schools.  Showing our students that we support them, not just in the classroom, but in their exploration of their talents, is critical to their success.  That level of engagement is one of the many things that makes Kyrene special.

Moving into the last few months of the school year, we will be looking at ways we can ensure that all students are provided with the opportunities and support they need to learn and grow.  

With the release of the preliminary findings and recommendations of the audit, we are rolling up our sleeves to begin the work of processing that information and creating a vision for Kyrene that will propel our students into their future.  We must be very thoughtful and intentional in how we engage students in their learning and define expectations for their success.

Recently, we took the first step in this journey, partnering with Dell EMC/Worldwide Education, who offered Kyrene their services at no cost to the District, to facilitate “Visioning Day”.  This daylong event included students, parents, teachers, school and district leaders along with business and community members, who provided valuable input on how we can successfully prepare our students for success in high school and to be career and college ready.

The students who participated in this process stepped up to the plate and clearly articulated the most critical skills needed for success in college and careers and began to define what learning environments needed to look like to create the pathways towards those attributes.  In Kyrene, we are committed to defining the concrete steps within a comprehensive strategic plan to define the future for our district, one that is responsive to what the students shared with us as important to their learning.

This will require us to be thoughtful about how we engage students in their learning and define expectations for their success.  Together, we can make Kyrene a great place for learning.

Enjoy your well-deserved Spring Break!


Dr. Jan Vesely