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Health Steering Committee

The Kyrene Health Steering Committee oversees the development of health curriculum and selection of resources that is used forthe instruction of Kyrene students for Strand 9 (Human Growth and Development)and Strand 10 (HIV/AIDS/STIs) of the Kyrene Expanded Health Curriculum. The committee is comprised of Kyrene parents, administrators, teachers,community members, and medical professionals.

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For more information regarding the Health curriculum, resources, or the Health Steering Committee,
Moira Turner
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2012-2013 Health Steering Committee Members

Name Role
Patti Benster ISI Program Coordinator
Wendy Cullivan Middle School Science
Jody Fife Title 1 Teacher
Krista Lumbard Middle School Social Studies
Shep Golos Middle School Student Advisor
Dr. Forrest Hamon Parent - Health Professional
Michelle Keso Elementary Teacher
Nancy Manson Parent - Probation Officer
Dr. Amy Marin Parent-Health Professional
Scott Rapier Middle School - Pysical Education
Holly Schineller Parent
Stephanie Smith Community Member
Cindy Weir Parent - Health Professional
Moira Turner Teacher Specialist - Facilitator