Kyrene School District

Kyrene Citizens’ Budget Committee
At the April 10 meeting, the Kyrene Citizens's Budget Committee arrived at consensus on a recommendation to the Kyrene Governing Board to request the following measures be placed on the ballot for a special election on November 7, 2017: 
  • Continuation of the existing 10% District Additional Assistance (DAA or Capital) Override
  • Continuation of the existing 15% Maintenance and Operations  (M&O) Override 
  •  A request for a bond authorization of $26,210,504
Two members were against the recommendation; several committee members neither supported or opposed the recommendation.
The recommendation will now be presented to the Governing Board at a Study Session (tentatively scheduled for May 9).  The Governing Board will vote on the recommendation at the next scheduled board meeting (May 23).
To review Kyrene District budget and status of existing bonds, Maintenance and Operations (M&O) and Capital overrides. The Committee will be asked to make a recommendation to the Governing Board on requesting voter approval of a bond and on continuation of the existing M&O and Capital overrides.
Members of the Kyrene community, including parents, businesses and community partners, property owners. 
There will be four meetings:
  • March 20: Overview of Kyrene budget; What is a Bond? What is an override? 
  • March 27: Overview and discussion of options—M&O Override
  • April 3: Overview and discussion of options—Capital Override
  • April 10: Overview and discussion of bond; Arrive at Consensus on recommendation to the Board
  • May 9: Initial presentation of Committee recommendation to Governing Board (tentative)
  • May 23: Governing Board votes on Committee recommendation (tentative)
Each meeting will be held at Mariposa Elementary School (Media Center) 
*April 10, 2017 Meeting will be starting early at 4:30 PM and will end at 6:00 PM