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English Language Arts Resource Review and 60-Day Review 
On October 14th, an RFP for English Language Arts curriculum was released, launching the process for identifying high-quality resources to support instruction and learning in grades K-8. The purpose of this webpage is to inform the Kyrene staff and community of the resource review process and invite feedback during the 60-Day Review process.
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Process for Review and Vetting of Submitted Resources

Kyrene follows a defined process when considering a resource for adoption. First, resources under consideration are reviewed for alignment to standards and the Publisher's Criteria. Vendors with resources that meet the minimum criteria are invited to provide vendor presentations to the Resource Review Committee. The committee will then recommend to the board resources for which they would like teachers and community members to provide feedback. After the 60-Day Review, the committee will analyze the feedback and make a recommendation to the board for adoption.

Adoption Timeline



Standards Alignment Review

In preparation for review of resources submitted, all teachers were invited to submit an application indicating interest in serving on the committee. Ultimately, all teachers who applied by the deadline were accepted to the committee. The make-up of the resource review committee represents all 25 schools, all grade levels, and relevant district departments that provide learning services, such as Student Learning and Support Services and Educational Technology.
The first stage of the process was evaluating resources for their alignment to state standards. Grade level bands gathered the week of November 7th at the Kyrene District Office. Each grade level band (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) completed the review of the submitted proposals on their assigned day and used the selection criteria to invite vendors to present.
Vendor Presentations 

In the second stage of the process, vendors meeting minimum criteria and committee approval presented the week of November 28th to the committee in grade bands as noted below.

Grades K-2: Monday, November 28th
Grades 3-5: Tuesday, November 29th
Grades 6-8: Wednesday, November 30th

The resource review committee members (35 classroom teachers and 16 content or special education specialists), along with available principals attended thirteen separate 75 minute vendor presentations. In these presentations, committee members rated the vendors independently using a criteria-based rubric. Grades K-2 and grades 3-5 each invited five vendors to participate in vendor presentations. Grades 6-8 invited three vendors to participate in vendor presentations.
All of the committee members gathered the afternoon of the 30th to determine which resources they recommend to the Board to initiate the 60-Day Review. Each member of the committee provided individual feedback through the criteria-based rubric and through individual voting through a google survey. The committee agreed that in order for any decision to move forward, an affirmative vote of 65% or more (super-majority) of the committee members is needed. Since we are following procurement laws for this competitive bid process, members of the committee signed a non-disclosure form and could not speak about the resources/vendors they reviewed. Once the 60-Day review is initiated, the vendors names will be released. They are free to talk about the process and the criteria the committee used to arrive at their decisions.  

60-Day Review
The 60-Day review will be the window of opportunity for teachers, staff and community to provide feedback on each of the resources.  Once the 60 Day review of resource materials is approved, vendors will provide an introductory video and physical materials for each resource under review will be distributed to a school in each region and at the district office. Teachers will complete a survey on each resource, a similar process we followed last year. Time will be made available at some point during the 60 Day review for each teacher to have the opportunity to review materials and provide their feedback. 
Grades K-5:
Based on responses, the K-5 committee recommend that three of the six vendors move forward to 60-Day Review: Benchmark Advance by Benchmark, Core Knowledge Language Arts by Amplify, and Wonders by McGraw-Hill. The window for the 60-Day Review in grades K-5 will actually run from January 11th through March 21st to ensure ample time to review the resources and provide feedback. Certified staff will be sent a survey from surveymonkey to provide feedback on the materials.
Grades 6-8
Based on responses, the 6-8 committee recommend that two of the three vendors move forward to 60-Day Review: myPerspectives by Pearson and Collections by Harcourt. The window for the 60-Day Review in grades 6-8 will actually run from December 7th through March 14th to ensure ample time to review the resources and provide feedback. Certified staff will be sent a survey from surveymonkey to provide feedback on the materials.

One hundred percent of the teachers on the committee supported myPerspectives and 84.6% of teachers supported Collections, which easily met the 65% super- majority identified by the committee to move forward. Teachers cited strength of resources in standard strands, ease of use, presence of digital resources, and access to rigorous assessment items as evidence to move a vendor forward. Only 38% of teachers supported the third resource for 60-Day review. While the committee did not believe that the third resource presented to be the most comprehensive resource of the three, they expressed its strength as a supplementary resource and supported its continued use as a supplementary resource in grades 6-8.