Kyrene School District


Student Registration Information

We are delighted you have chosen to educate your child(ren) at the Kyrene School District. We know you have many educational options and we appreciate your decision to be with us!
General Enrollment (for In-district families):
You can enroll at your local school or by bringing the documents listed below. Enrollments are taken at the District Office during the summer. For information, call (480) 480-541-1000.
Those who live within the district boundaries, but want to enroll at a different school outside their attendance area must apply for open enrollment .
Open Enrollment (for out-of-district families):
If you live outside the school or district boundaries, you must first be approved for Open Enrollment prior to registering your child. Applications are available at the district office or online at
Documents needed to register

Go to the school in your neighborhood, or the school you’ve been accepted to through the open enrollment process, and bring this completed packet of registration paperwork along with the following items that are required, to complete your registration:   

  • Child's birth certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Proof of residency (e.g., current utility bill, lease agreement, contract on house)
  • Withdrawal form from previous school (if applicable)
  • Open enrollment acceptance letter (if applicable)
  • Any records from your previous school would be helpful for class placement (e.g., report cards, test scores, gifted education placement scores, special education records - IEP and MET, etc)
What's Next?

  1.  Subscribe to the E‐Newsletter for your school(s). The link is on the left side of under Quick Links.

  2.  Be sure you’re aware of bus schedule (if applicable) and the schools’ start and end times.

  3.  Attend your schools’ Meet the Teacher Night.

  4.  Make note of other 2016‐17 school year dates.