Kyrene School District


Proposition 123 – Quick Facts

If passed, Proposition 123 will:

  • Generate $3.5 billion over 10 years for Arizona schools. The majority will come from the increased payout of the State Land Trust. Additionally, $625 million will come from the general fund ($50M for the first five years, then $75M for the next five years).
  • Provide Kyrene with 3.4 million per year. 
  • Settle the inflation funding lawsuit that’s been pending for five years.
  • Raise the base level of per pupil funding (from $3,426.74 to $3,600).
  • Guarantee that education funding will adjust for inflation each year.
  • Provide funding to schools starting in June.
  • Ensure local control. Schools decide how to use their funding. There are no strings attached to how the funding can be used.
  • Include triggers to protect the general fund from severe economic downturns, while protecting the base level of funding.