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Kyrene del Cielo Elementary School

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Freddie Welcome

Welcome to the Cielo DISCOVERoom!


The Kyrene del Cielo DISCOVERoom is a room dedicated to providing students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a science and engineering-rich environment.  This is science-engineering enrichment funded by YOUR TAX CREDIT DOLLARS.
The DISCOVERoom does not have a room number, but you'll find it in the hallway behind the main  office.

This Week in the DISCOVERoom 
This week in the DISCOVERoom we have ASU guest stars from CUbiC (Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing) presenting on "Engineering Inclusion" - they build stuff to help people with disabilities. To learn more visit 
Last Week in the DISCOVERoom
Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th around the world! Join us this week in the DISCOVERoom for a fun Play-Doh activity as we learn all about Pi.



View all of our past and present DISCOVERoom videos here .