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School Break Options
A place for kids during school breaks and holidays
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Enrichment academies, camps and trips are available during school breaks and holidays for children three years old through eighth grades. Some programs feature on-site activities and/or daily field trips to fun destinations! 
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Many options are available: Summer Academy, Kids Club Camp, Early Learning Center, Bienvenidos, After Hours Camp, Adventure Tours and Summer Theatre. 
Break Academies
School-age children stay engaged and challenged during breaks with a wide range of classes in art, music, cooking, engineering, science, sports, technology and more.
Students board a bus and take off to check out some of the great locations Arizona has to offer.  
School Closure and Break Camps 
School-age options include Kids Club Camps and Academy programs. 
Middle school students (plus grade 5) can attend After Hours Camps. Three to five year olds (not yet in Kindergarten) can attend the Early Learner Camp (ELC) 
• Kids Club Camps (
• Kids Club ELC Camp (
Early Learners) 
• After Hours Camps (
Middle School, plus grade 5)