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Updated dates:  Applications being accepted until February 20th, 2015.
New out of district math testing are being coordinated.

Kyrene Preparatory Program
An accelerated 6-8 grade program at Kyrene Middle School
The Kyrene Preparatory Program is a school within a school serving 6th through 8th grades.  This program is designed to strategically group academically talented students in the four core academic areas of Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. This program provides a positive, challenging educational experience commensurate with student ability.  These motivated learners experience science through exploration and application, and participate in a rigorous language arts class where they create outstanding literary works, as well as advanced grammar and comprehension skillsThey also approach social studies through increased rigor and analysis and our advanced math program incorporates the vital link between application and rigor. 
In the program, our teachers foster their distinctive social and academic development, providing them with a nurturing learning environment to explore their higher level thinking.
The Kyrene Preparatory Program focuses on the whole child development.  Our students excel inside and outside the classroom.  Over 90% of our 7th and 8th grade students are involved in extracurricular activities.  Our students also are involved in the creation and building of a school garden.  They experience leadership training and community service involvement.  KMS offers a wide variety of electives and after school opportunities to allow young people to discover their talents and interests.
We thank you for your interest in the Kyrene Middle School Prep Program.
The College and Career ready standards, mandated by the State of Arizona, will be compacted, extended, and modified as determined by the needs of the students.

The Kyrene Preparatory Program curriculum will focus on:
  • Critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills and processes
  • Research skills, analyzing informational text
  • Products/projects that will summarize and share learning with others
  • Advanced Math (6th - Pre Alg./Linear Alg., 7th - H.S. Algebra, 8th - H.S. Geometry)
  • Science Investigations
  • Advanced Language Arts (Critical Reading, Expanding Classic Novels)
  • Community service and experiential learning opportunities
Each grade level has its own academic highlights, including the following:
6th grade
The primary focus of math at this level is to prepare the students for the high-school level math classes of Algebra and Geometry that students will take in 7th and 8th grade. Instruction is often individual-based to prepare students for their upcoming high school level classes.
Language Arts at this level focuses on reading a variety of literary works, writing in several formats, engaging in Socratic circles and other interactive and collaborative activities, and learning Greek and Latin roots among other language-based activities. 
Sixth grade Social Studies is project-based and focuses on ancient history through the Renaissance.
A highlight of 6th grade Science is that students compete in the Regional Science Fair competition and learn about science through experiments and hands-on activities.
Students are also involved in various community outreach activities in 6th grade.
7th grade
Seventh graders in the Prep Program are enrolled in a high school level Algebra class. This is the first of two high school math credits that students in the Prep Program earn while in middle school.
Language Arts students in 7th grade begin the first of two years of rigorous study. The cornerstones of the curriculum are classic and modern literature, writing in various formats, vocabulary instruction with an emphasis on Greek and Latin roots, and grammar. The study of English grammar is divided into four tiers: parts of speech, parts of sentence, phrases, and clauses. Seventh grade students focus on the first of these two tiers in preparation for 8th grade. In addition, students read Ray Bradbury’s Illustrated Man and are introduced to Shakespeare through an in-class reading and examination of As You Like It.
In Social Studies, students engage in various debates as they learn about American history and the functions of government.
Seventh grade Science students compete in an Aerospace competition and continue exploring Science through various labs and other hands-on activities.
8th grade
Eighth graders in the Prep Program take high school level Geometry. This is the second of two high school math credits that students in the Prep Program earn while in middle school, putting them at a great advantage as they enter high school.
Language Arts students in 8th grade complete the second of two years of rigorous language study. Students read four classic works determined by the instructor. In the past several years students have read William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Robert Cormier’s I Am the Cheese, and Lois Lowry’s The Giver. Students continue their study of Greek and Latin roots, and grammar instruction is focused on the types and functions of different phrases and clauses, leading to a greater understanding of complex and varied sentence structures. In 8th grade Science, students continue exploring the Science curriculum in enriching ways, including engaging in the Rube Goldberg competition. Eighth grade Social Studies students conduct intensive document analysis of primary sources as they learn about 20th and 21st century American and European history, including an examination of the rise of dictators around the globe and the advent and resolution of two devastating world conflicts.
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Incoming 6th grade Application Information

The application process for the 2015-16 school year will begin on January 7, 2015. The applications will be available online starting 1-7-2015, through February 20th, 2015.  They are also available in our front office. 
Acceptance Notification Information -All families will be notified on or before 3-21-2015, via email.
  Criteria will include:
  • Ability to exhibit advanced math skills as evidenced by upcoming assessments, 4th grade AIMS results, gifted testing*, and the district summative tests.
  • Ability to exhibit advanced reading skills as evidenced on the AIMS and district summatives
  • Ability to exhibit advanced writing skills as evidenced on the writing sample included in the application
  • Ability to exhibit a motivated love of learning through 5th grade report cards
         *Gifted placement is not required for the KMS Prep Program
The following information is necessary for the application depending on what school your child attends:
If your child attends Ninos, Norte or Waggoner you will need to turn in:
  • Application
  • All other information will be available through district data base
 If you live within the Kyrene School district but your child does NOT attend Ninos, Norte or Waggoner:
  • Application
  • Gifted testing information, if applicable
  • Latest Report Card
If you live outside the Kyrene School District:
  • Application
  • 2014 AIMS Scores
  • Gifted testing information, if applicable
  • Scheduling of math placement test  (see dates below)
  • Latest Report Card
  • Copy of Open Enrollment Application
 Incoming 7th or 8th grade students:
The following information is necessary for the application:
If you live within the Kyrene School District but do not currently attend Kyrene Middle School:
  • Application
  • Gifted testing information, if applicable
  • Latest Report Card
If you live outside the Kyrene School District:
  • Application
  • 2014 AIMS Scores
  • Gifted testing information, if applicable
  • Math Placement Test (see dates below)
  • Latest Report Cards
  • Copy of Open Enrollment Application


Out of District Testing Dates (only one test is required):
The next testing date is February 9th at 1pm.
To schedule testing please contact Susie Drake at sdrake@kyrene.org or call 480-541-6602

Contact Information
Jama Nacke, Principal                        Garth Cupp, 6th grade administrator  
jnacke@kyrene.org                               gcupp@kyrene.org                           
480-541-6650                                        480-541-6641
Prep Program Student