Kyrene School District

Arizona is an equalized state with a complex per pupil funding formula.  That statement alone is typically enough to intimidate people into believing that either it will be too difficult or take too long to understand how School Districts are funded.  However, you can gain a conceptual understanding of how School Finance works in a matter of minutes.  It will take several hours to fully understand specific details about the funding formulas but depending on your level of interest it can be well worth the investment.
Helicopter View
Reading these pages will give you a conceptual understanding of how School Districts are funded.
Down in the Trenches
Reading these pages and watching the videos will give you a full understanding of how School Districts are funded, tax rates are calculated and other aspects of Arizona School Finance.
Check Back Often!
These pages will be continually updated to reflect changes in State Law and to provide further clarification based on the feedback that is received.  At the bottom of each page will be the date that the page was last modified.  Knowledge is Power so enjoy your workout!
Last Modified: June 27, 2012