Kyrene School District


Homeowner's Rebate

The Homeowner's Rebate has increased by one percent each year since its inception until it reached its cap at 40%.  It applies only to the Primary Property Tax.  It would be as simple as multiplying the Kyrene Elementary + Tempe Union High School tax by 40%, however, the legislature has excluded certain items from being eligible for the rebate.  In recent years they have continued to make more items ineligible which has lowered the effective rate of the rebate and increased property tax bills.
2011 Primary (Limited) Tax Amounts
Tax District
2011 Tax
2010 Tax
Kyrene Elementary 2.0500 $399.73 $343.60
Tempe  High School 1.6082 $313.58 $328.87
State Aid Credit($262.94) ($268.57)
Effective State Aid Credit Rate36.86% 39.94%
Some of the funding items that are ineligible for the Homeowner's Rebate include Career Ladder (a program designed to incentivize the professional development of teachers) and a portion of the District's funding for Student Transportation.
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