Kyrene School District


Property Tax Overview

As with any tax,  the calculation is simply:
Taxable Amount  x  Tax Rate = Tax Amount
However, when you look at your tax bill you will see that you are assessed dozens of taxes for your property, and the calculation on the bill doesn't appear to be as simple as illustrated above.  The following pages will help you understand the taxes that are applied against your property, primarily the ones that are associated with the Kyrene School District.  They will also provide a general explanation of why the funds are needed, and a detailed explanation of how the rate is determined.  The property used as an example has a 2011 Property Value of $200,000 and has been declining at the average rate for the District.  At the bottom of each page you will see a link which will direct you to the page you should view next.
Please go to and pull up your tax bill to assist with following the explanation that is provided.  If you do not know your parcel number or do not own a home then you can pull up a tax bill to use by entering in a valid Kyrene address.
Click to go to the Primary Property Tax Calculation webpage.