Kyrene School District


Primary Property Tax Calculations

Please go to and pull up your tax bill to assist with following the explanation that is provided.  If you do not know your parcel number or do not own a home, then you can pull up a tax bill to use by entering in a valid Kyrene attendance area address.
The first step to calculating your Primary Property Tax is to determine the amount that is taxable.  A home has a 10% Assessment Ratio.  This means which means the homeowner will have to pay taxes for 10% of the home's value.  Different classes of property have different assessment ratios - such as vacant land that is assessed at 16%.  The Primary Value is limited by how much it can grow from year to year despite spikes in market value which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Limited Value.  If you multiply the Limited Value by the Assessment Ratio then you will determine the Primary Assessed Value as displayed below.
2011 Primary (Limited) Assessed Values - Parcel xxx-xx-xxx
Assessment Type
Limited Value
Assessment Ratio
Assessed Value
Kyrene's Primary Tax is used to fund the Local Support portion of the State's Per Pupil formula.  This is the minimum amount of funding needed to cover the District's operating expenses as determined by State Law.  You will notice that Tempe Union High School District has a lower tax rate despite the fact that they follow the same per pupil formula.  This is because they have a larger tax base since they cover Kyrene and Tempe Elementary.  They also have fewer students since they give instruction in 4 grades while Kyrene gives instruction in 10 grades (including preschool).  The calculation is simply your Primary Assessed Value multiplied against the Rate and divided by 100 as displayed below.  The calculation of the Rate and reason for dividing by 100 are explained at the Primary Tax Rate Calculation webpage.  There is a State Aid Credit given to help offset the taxes applied by Kyrene and Tempe Union.  This is explained on the Homeowner's Rebate webpage.  
2011 Primary (Limited) Tax Amounts
Tax District
2011 Tax
2010 Tax
Kyrene Elementary 2.0500 $399.73 $343.60
Tempe  High School 1.6082 $313.58 $328.87
State Aid Credit($262.94) ($268.57)
Click here to view the Kyrene Tax Rate Overview webpage,  afterwhich you will be directed to the Primary Tax Rate Calculation webpage.