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Professional Background
» Elementary Teacher
» Middle School Teacher
» Director of Instructional Improvement
» Principal Middle School
» Assistant Superintendent Instructional Services
» Superintendent
» 16 year tenure at Kyrene
Dr. Schauer began his educational career as an elementary teacher in a small town in Illinois after receiving a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Illinois State University. Working with third graders made it clear to him that reading was the key to continuous learning progress for those students and Dr. Schauer pursued course work and an eventual master’s degree in reading education.
Continuing his career, Dr. Schauer found himself teaching reading to middle school students in north suburban Chicago. This led to an increased awareness of the importance of reading and writing across content areas and the need to assist content teachers with effective strategies that could be used across curricular areas. As Dr. Schauer took on increased leadership responsibilities for staff development, he became interested in educational leadership and pursued a doctorate in education with a focus on administration.
As the field of education moved toward stronger accountability and state testing and assessment results became more prominent, school districts were looking for support implementing effective instructional strategies in the classroom. This was a particular challenge for high schools where teachers typically taught in isolation and few opportunities for professional development were available. Dr. Schauer was hired to work as a full time reading consultant for a high school district in another northern suburb of Chicago. This led to an administrative position where he was the Director of Instructional Improvement responsible for all professional development throughout the school district.
The notion of becoming a principal in charge of a school where he could put much of what he knew about effective instruction into practice was appealing to Dr. Schauer. He relocated to the warmer climate of the southwest in 1996 and became Principal of Aprende Middle School, a position he held for six years.
In 2002, Kyrene’s new superintendent needed someone who could support the instructional division and she wanted a person who knew the district well. Dr. Schauer was selected to be Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services and served in that role until he was named Superintendent in 2006.
Dr. Schauer has a comprehensive background in education that includes teaching experiences in elementary, middle and high schools as well as leadership experiences as district director, principal and assistant superintendent. These experiences and extensive professional preparation provide him with the critical knowledge about the complexities and challenges of being in charge of a school district. This, coupled with his 16 year tenure in the Kyrene School District, should ensure that Kyrene has the leadership it needs as we move into the 21st century.